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Mosaic Tiles Monmouth County, NJ

Mosaic Tiles Monmouth County

Mosaic tiles come in a large variety or colors and patterns, which allows them to be used on many different surfaces. Their designs create a unique pattern, which is guarenteed to attract attention. Mosaic tiles have been used for generations to create wonderous pieces of art.

If you are applying your tile by the sheet, simply apply the adhesive to your surface, square up your sheet and lay the uncovered side on the adhesive. Once the adhesive has dried, wipe the paper facing down with a damp sponge until it darkens, then peel the sheet the sheet off in a single piece. Your tiles will be pre-set with 1/16th” grout joints.

If you prefer to apply your tiles individually, simply place the sheet in warm water and in about 2 minutes the tile will be loose.

Our mosaic tiles meet ANSI specifications for use in flooring, walls, pools, interior design and art applications.

Mosaic Tile Monmouth County, NJ
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Call (732) 566-3886 today to speak to one of our experienced ceramic tile contractors. Located in Matawan (Monmouth County, NJ) just off Route 34, Tiles Unlimited, helps customers throughout the State of New Jersey including but not limited to Monmouth County.

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