Repairing Tiles Monmouth County, NJ

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and sometime these accidents can crack or damage your tiles. Thankfully, tiles can be repaired or replaced when such accidents occur. If the tile only has a slight crack or scuff mark, try finding some matching paint, and paint over the cracked area. This should make the tile look as good as new.

However, sometimes a tile is too badly damaged to be painted over, and will need to be replaced. The first step to removing the tile is to cover it with a towel or rag, and shatter the tile with a hammer. Then remove the tile shards and old adhesive. Make sure the area is clean from any debris left by the old tile. Once the area is cleaned, apply some adhesive to the new tile and set in place. Give the tile time to set, and then it’s time to grout the tile. After adding the grout, simply remove the excess with a damp sponge. Remember, DO NOT walk on a newly set tile for 24 hours, in order to allow everything to set properly.

Even if the worst case scenario happens, and you need to replace multiple tiles, Tiles Unlimited has you covered. With Tiles Unlimited, we can supply you with any tile, and any design to suit your needs!

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Call (732) 566-3886 today to speak to one of our experienced contractors. Located in Matawan (Monmouth County, NJ) just off Route 34, Tiles Unlimited, helps customers throughout the State of New Jersey including but not limited to Monmouth County.

Need tiles for your new design project?
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Need tiles for your new design project?
Let us know how Tiles Unlimited can help!
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“ Happy my friend Marilyn referred us to you.Thankful to no longer have to drive to Brooklyn for great tiles and great service. Have been using Tiles Unlimited on the past 3 projects I have worked on and the service is unmatched. Thank You for the professionalism, great work ethic and ideas on how to install the tiles to look even better than imagined. ”

Daniela S.

“ We had an amazing experience with Vito and his staff. They did an exceptional job and went over and above to fit us in their schedule. Highly recommend them!! ”

Meredith P.

“ Vito and his crew are always professional!! I have bought Tile from Tiles Unlimited and had it Installed by them for over 20 years!! Never had any issues!! A Very Happy Customer!! I Highly recommend them!! I know who I will be calling when I update my Kitchen!! Tiles Unlimited!! ”

Sheila J.

“ Another beautiful part of my house done by Vito at Tiles Unlimited. His workers are unparalleled.. polite, prompt, neat and professional. ”

Rachel C.